Adorn Your Home in a Vastu Compliant Way

Adorn your Home in a Vastu Compliant way

What do you all understand by Vastu?

Vastu is ‘The Science of Architecture’ that is used to channelize the positive energy into your house. All of us want a home that is happy and full of positive vigor. All the things that you use to decorate in your home, release some kind of energy. A great ambience full of cheerfulness always radiates a heartening glow to your house. A lot of people set their house completely according to Vastu, from their showpieces, to interiors, to paintings; everything is according to Vastu.

Choosing color to paint your house walls

The color of the wall grabs maximum attention of the people who come to your house. The color is a major deciding factor of your mood and character. The colors you should avoid at the entrance are red, grey and black. Colors that are suitable for the entrance are blue, dark green, white and yellow. In the south zones coloring the walls red or green would bring healthy fire energy into your house whereas for northern zones green, black, blue and white are highly suitable.

Choosing the right plant for your house

In earlier times, people never used to put plants in their houses but since the time the Vastu awareness has come, people have started to keep plants like Tulsi and Money plant ,these plants bring money and prosperity into the house. In the north zone, placing flowers in a green vase or money plant in a blue vase can help in increase of the money flow. Plants like Cactus and Rose should be kept outside the house as there attract negative energy.

A Vastu compliant home can bring lots of encouraging changes into your life. We have given you just a few points here; if you wish to know more about Vastu then you should consult a Vastu expert.


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