Catch Rainwater and Solve Your Water Problem

Catch Rainwater and Solve Your Water Problem

“Water is life, don’t waste it”

We all know how important water is for our life. In a city like Pune, the value of water is inescapable. Judicious use of water is what is needed if you don’t want your future generations to fight a war for water. The ever increasing population has led to the decrease in water all over the world.

The water demand has also increased due to increase in infrastructure. Deforestation has further reduced the ground water cycle. Several cities around India are experiencing the dearth of portable and usable water. Pune is an example of such a city. A growing corporate hub which is attracting all kinds of people around the country. Hence there is a dire need to set up a water harvesting system in areas wherever possible.

Keeping in mind the importance of water and its ever increasing demand, Suyog Group has set up water harvesting system at its upcoming project Suyog Nisarg. Suyog Group is well aware, what scarcity of water can mean. Consequently they have made sure that nobody in the society suffers from this problem of water. Rain water harvesting is the method of collecting, filtering and storing rainwater for various residential or industrial purposes. According to reports, 50% of a regular family’s water needs can be satisfied with this rain water harvesting system. In places like Pune where there is ample rainfall, this system is highly recommended and useful. This method is absolutely natural and just makes use of the natural resources. This also enables the recharging of ground water. Rain water Harvesting can be considered the best method of getting pure and safe water for non drinkable purposes which cover more that 70% of the needs of people today.


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