The Factors That Affect the Market Value of Your Home

The factors that affect the market value of your home

When buying a house, there are an infinite number of things that you take into consideration. The property is one thing that most of the times have higher resale value as compared to the purchase price.

“A house is not just made of bricks and beams; it is made of memories and dreams”

Buying a home is a lifetime investment and if for some reason you want to put it on sale, you have to make sure that you get the best price for it. So, chose a home that would be liked by all because of the comfort it provides and the elegance. Before you rush to seek the help of a property agent what you should do is identify the major factors that affect the market value of the house of your choice.

  • Location

Location is the first factor that is important in choosing a house. Proximity to school, hospital, local markets, malls and other entertainment sources is the question. Connectivity of the place is of utmost significance as this can play a major role in raising or dropping of the market values of the house.

  • Distance from industries and commercial hubs

Houses that are closer to the IT Hubs or offices attract comparatively more customers and buyers. People prefer to stay closer to their workplace as this saves a lot of their time and money. Houses that are closer to industries are not preferred as industries release toxic wastes and pollutants that could be hazardous for the health of the people staying in close proximity to the industry.

  • Condition:

A home in perfect condition has a much higher potential for a good sale than one that is lacking the most basic home routine maintenance.


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