Under Construction Project in Wagholi

Under Construction Project in Wagholi with All Modern Amenities

All the Under Construction Project in Wagholi that are built by us carry the repertoire of Suyog Group. We are known not only to provide luxury and comfort to our esteemed customers but also to provide with the safest and most modern structures. You can see your dream come true in our projects and not worry about the safety and security at all. With easy and effective means for communication, you would not have a better and safer place to live in other than any of our projects.

Having intercom facility is quite old now given the extensive development in technology as far as security is concerned. We use the latest and the best technology manufactured by the most renowned manufacturers only. We do not ever compromise with quality for cheap profits and therefore, you can have the latest in safety and security measures so that you do not have to rely entirely on the doorman or on the security at the main gate.

Provided with video door phone at every unit you can easily see who is standing at the other side of the door. Even the closed circuit television system installed at prime spots would enable you to see who is approaching from any side of the complex. You may know that there has been a lot of development in security systems including recording and playback option, all of which you will find in our fool proof security arrangement.

Apart from that our under construction project in Wagholi also have gas leak and smoke detectors fitted at rime locations so that you are alerted even at the slightest sign of any potential danger. Providing the anti-theft main door locking system we, at Suyog Group, have taken security to the next level. Therefore, if you stay at any of our project you need not worry about safety but can concentrate on more important thing, living a comfortable life.


Suyog Group

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